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Le site est édité par sodevim, adresse : 3 avenue Erlanger – 75016 Paris, téléphone : +33 (0)1 56 23 15 88.
adresse de courrier électronique : Le directeur de la publication est Henri Sharifi.

› Responsibility

Sodevim is committed to insure the Website users can access it at all times. Nevertheless, Sodevim cannot be held responsible if the Website in unavailable, whatever the reason.
The Website user acknowledges having read this legal notice and agrees to abide by it.
The Website user acknowledges that he/she/they must have the capacities and means to access the Website and to use it. The Website user also acknowledges have that check IT the settings and the webpages are virus free and fully functioning. Sodevim cannot guarantee the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information of its Website, nor the continuity of its flawless operation or a complete IT security.
Sodevim implements every effort in order to give the Website user the necessary information and tools, available and validated, but cannot be held responsible for any mistake, missing data and/or any virus or other IT threats on its site.
The data given by Sodevim is for information purposes only. Sodevim does not wouldn’t guaranty the accuracy, comprehensiveness, updates of the information published on its website.
The Website user acknowledges the information and tools available on the Website are his/her sole responsibility.

› Privaty and protection of personal information

The personal data gathered on the Website are included in the list of data management of Sodevim “Correspondant Informatique et Libertes”
In compliance of art. 32 of Law No 78-17 regarding IT, data, and freedom, dated January 6″, 1978 modified, Sodevim being responsible for the management of data, informs the user that he implements a processing of personal data a subject concerning him, and it has a personal information management set up.
The information given by the user through forms available on the Website will be treated by authorized SODEVIM personnel, for administrative and commercial purpose. The data identified with an asterisk is mandatory. If you don’t comply by answering those sections, then your information request won’t be able to be processed or will be delayed.
The Website user has the right to access the data, question and modify, and amend or delete personal data belonging to him/her.
The Website user also has the right to oppose the processing of personal data for legitimate reasons, as well as, the right to oppose that the data might be used for marketing purposes.
In order to exercise his/her rights, the Website user must send a signed letter to Sodevim, along with the copy of an ID to: SODEVIM, 3, rue Erlanger-75016 Paris, or via email at:
The Website user is informed that during navigation on the Website, the use of cookies might automatically be installed on the web browser. The rules applied for cookies are accessible and available on the Website.
The Website user must comply with the dispositions of law No 78-17 law pertaining to IT, data and freedom dated January 6″, 1978 modified, and any violator of the law will be subjected to sanctions, especially if one takes a collection, or in general acts in a way that might affect someone else’s private life or reputation.
SODEVIM may amend the content of this legal notice at any time and without prior notice. Thus, the Website user might consult this section on a regular basis.

› Intellectual property

The Website is taken as a whole, as well as each individual component, including specific programs and developments, and content including data, texts, animated or statics images, logos, sounds, graphics, files are the exclusive property sole of Sodevim or of third parties that granted Sodevim licenseship
Any partial or total representation of the Website or any of the elements that constitutes it without Sodevim’s formal authorization is prohibited and would be a counterfeit subject to legal sanctions as per articles L.335-2 and the Intellectual Property Code
The database provided on the Website is protected by articles L.341-1 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property. Any use, substantial extraction whether qualitatively or quantitatively of its contents, will be legally sanctioned.
Trades and logos appearing on the Website are registered by Sodevim or by third parties. Any reproduction, imitation or use, in total or partial of these distinctive signs without formal authorization is in violation of the interdiction set in articles L713-2 and under the Intellectual Property Code will be held legally responsible.
Any other specific signs, particularly legal names, commercial names, signs, domain names existing on the Website are solely the property of Sodevim or the third parties. Any unauthorized reproduction is susceptible to be considered as usurpation and will expose its author to legal action as per article 1382 of Civil Code.
Links offered to access third parties Websites do not engage the responsibility of Sodevim as far as their access or content.

› Professional email.

The emails of Sodevim as well as its employees are strictly used for professional purpose. Any professional documents for Sodevim must be sent to those professional e-mails. As per the right to residual personal life at work, the rules set by Sodevim are the following: the use of professional emails to send or receive personal messages only can allowed in the frame of residual personal life at work; the subject of an email must explicitly state “PERSONAL-PRIVATE”; otherwise, the message will not be automatically processed as a private email.

› Applicable law

This site is governed by French laws.

› Modification :

Sodevim reserves the right to modify the content of this legal notice at any time and without notice.
The user is therefore invited to consult it regularly.


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