Les réalisations Sodevim

headquarters of Sodevim

3 avenue Erlanger in Paris 16e


La Villa Pontet à Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

Résidence Europe

Student Housing in Chessy. . We are creating a Student Housing residence of 146 units, including one for the resident manager, and 103 reserved to active youth. An underground parking accommodates 94 cars, on a 0.70 acres lot. . Conveniently…
Les Allées de la Ferme

Les Allées de la Ferme

Les Allées de la Ferme à Tigery . A residential building of 20 apartments (1 and 2 BR). . 28 individual houses. . GERU architects. . Address: Les Allées de la Ferme, Route de Lieusaint - 91250 Tigery …
Les Terrasses de Noisiel

Les Terrasses de Noisiel

Les Terrasses de Noisiel . A residential building of 94 apartments . Completed 2011. . Michel Euvé architect. . Address: Cours de Buisson - 77187 Noisiel

La cour du pavillon Royal

In Nandy, a private domain conceived around a gated landscaped park. .96 apartments and 16 houses in a quiet environment on the edge of the forest, in the heart of the new town of Sénart and at the entrance to the charming village…
Tigery centre-ville

Tigery-Cœur de Bourg

Creation of a Town Square . Creation of a Town Square: This was approached as a renovation project. It included 31 individual houses, 137 apartments and over 25,000 sq. ft. of retail. . The Town Square offers pedestrian…
Résidence Bellevue

Résidence Bellevue

Residential building in downtown Alfortville .27 apartments from studio to 3 BR duplex with balcony, terrace, private backyard and underground parking garage. . In partnership with Credit Agricole Immobilier. …
Domaine de Sainte Fleur

Domaine de Sainte Fleur 1

Domaine de Sainte Fleur à Lieusaint . 30 apartments and 27 houses. . Alain Elie architect. . Completed 2002. . Address: 12 Boulevard Victor Schoelcher, Boulevard Iqbal Mashi, Rue Louis Malle - 77127 Lieusaint …
Sainte Fleur

Domaine de Sainte Fleur 2

Domaine de Sainte Fleur à Lieusaint . 12 houses and 24 apartments, from Studio to 2 BR, spread out over 2 elegant small buildings only 3 story high, with a lovely garden exposure. . Convenient parking and visitor parking…